– F I S H E S, P L A C E S A N D  B A I T S –

Bream : Bream is common everywhere and the best places for fishing are around Lillö and the Kavrö bridge. Angling with maize or worm, bream above 4 kg have been caught.

Burbot : You can find burbot everywhere and fishing is done during the winter. Angling with bottom bait is the exclusive method. The fishing is not well documented but 4 kg catches are known.

Carp : There is plenty of carp in the water system, though catches are badly documented.

Catfish: The catching of catfish is not allowed.

Crucian Carp : The crucian carp is quite common in the la­kes, but not very easy to catch. Crucian carps over 2 kg have been caught in nets.

Eel: Fishing is not allowed.

Flatfish : Angling with worm or shrimp bait on the bottom is done in the Åhus and Yngsjö river mouths all the year round.

Herring : Fishing for herring in the Åhus harbour is a popu­lar pastime. Fishing is carried out with sinker and 4-5 drops. It goes on from the middle of April until the end of May.

Ide : Spawns in April upstream from Araslövssjön. Fished with maize, bread or worm as bait, but will also bite on small lures. During the summer you can sometimes in Yngsjö see hundreds of fish swimming with their dorsal fins above the surface.

Perch : Perch is common everywhere and it is caught with small spinners or fished with worm. Fishing goes on throug­hout the summer. Fish up to 2 kg have been caught.

Perch-Pike : This is one of our best fishes for eating. The population is sparse with catches of 5 kg possible. Angling with fish meat as bait, spinning and trolling during night are the best ways.

Pike : Fishing for pike in Hammarsjön and Araslövssjön can give good results. It can be difficult during the summer and early autumn due to weed, but in November this has disap­peared. Wobbler is the most frequently used fishing gear, but spoons can also be used. Angling with live bait yields a lot everywhere. Every year several pikes of more than 10 kg will be caught.

Rudd : One of the most beautiful fishes with its red fins. It is quite common in this area. Fish of about 1 kg have been caught.

Roach : The roach is plentiful and it is fished with bread, maize or worm as bait. Fish of more than 1 kg have been caught.

Salmon : The population is sparse but restocking is under­way.

Sea Trout : The spring fishing for trout takes place mainly downstream Hammarsjön, but many fish are caught in Kristianstad. Orange coloured wobblers and tube flies are the most common lures. Catches of 8- 10 kg are not unusual.

Tench : Tench is common everywhere and the best places for fishing are in the lakes, around Lillö and in front of Tivoli­parken in Kristianstad. It is fished during the night and the best baits are maize and worm. Fish of 3- 4 kg have been caught in front of Tivoliparken.

White bream: The standing Swedish record of 1,09 kg (1984-10-31) was caught upstream Araslövssjön near Tor­sebro. It is fished as for the roach.