JANUARY: (Opening of the trout and salmon season for persons with a valid year card.)
T his and the next month, if the ice permits, are excellent for pike ice angling on Hammarsjö and Araslövsjö.

FEBRUARY: (Opening of the trout and salmon season for persons with a valid year card.)
Usually the spring flood is on, impeding the fishing. Good month for catching burbot.

Opening of the trout and salmon season. The weather and the water level can be problematic. In an early spring pikes, after spawning, will bite profusely at the end of the month.

The fishing for trout and salmon continuous now in more pleasant weather and usually with better catches. To troll with wobblers is best. Spinning with tube-flies or spoons also produce results. Ide fishing in Torsebro and herring fishing in Åhus begins.

Ascension day is called the ”Opening Angling Day” not without reason. The water temperature increases and the fish become more active. Angling for bleak, roach, bream and other cyprinids starts now. Angling for flatfish in the river mouths continues the whole summer. Nightfishing for eel begins.

Perch on light tackle can give a good fight.

Nightfishing for pike-perch begins. Restocking is taking place.

The opening of crayfish season is in this month. Unfortunately pest has completely eradicated the indigenous population. Restocking with signal crayfish is taking place.

Pikefishing continuous and lasts to the end of the year if the weather conditions allows. The deeper parts of the lakes are best for trolling. Fishing for pike-perch continuous into the next month.

Angling for burbot begins and lasts until spring.

The trout spawning season is on until the end of the year. Trolling for the pike in the lakes are at its best.

If the weather permits and dressed properly, pikefishing can be a good relaxation from the traditional Christmas celebrations.