Fishing rules

Fishing rules.
Minimum length: Pikeperch 50 cm, brown (sea) trout 50 cm, salmon 60 cm.
Maximum catch of salmon and trout per licence and day is 3.

Trout and salmon are protected during October 1st – December 31st .
No fishing is allowed between January 1st and March 1st except for persons with a valid year card.

Pikeperch are protected during May 15 – June 30 .

Fishing is free for children under the age of 16 with regard to the rules for the preservaton area.

 Pike bigger than 100 cm must be restored.
The catching of eels is prohibited.
The licence includes max 10 ice-fishing tackles and by fishing from land max. 3 rods pr licence.

Trolling is prohibited within the following zones:
– from the old bridge in Åhus and in the entire harbour area
– Between the piers by Gropahålet.
– From Lake Hammarsjön to the first power line downstream Kavrö Bridge.
– From the storehouse in Torsebro downstream to the road bridge, road 118.

Fishing is prohibited in the Mjöån and by the storehouse in Torsebro.
The catching of wels catfish is prohibited. Incorrectly hooked fish should be released immediately, but please be welcome to take a photograph of your catch and report it to the authorities or to the webmaster of,
A preliminary inventory shows that at least 35 different species inhabit the area which is one of the richest in species in Sweden. Both sea-trout and salmon ascend the Helgeå. Ide (big reach) has since long been caught downstream the power station in Torsebro – pike and perch abounds. For more detailed account please see the pamphlet “Fiskar i Kristianstads Vattenrike” which can be bought in the Turistbyrås.

The restrictions are shown on the map.

Bird sanctuary, fishing limited.
Many endangered, rare or particularly demanding bird species inhabit the area. Hence there are fishing restrictions in some areas. The restriction areas are shown on the map.

I. The eastern branch of the Helgeå from Lillö ruin (the bridge) to the southern end of Blacken and the eastern half of the river, from the southern end of Blackan to the Härlövsängaled bridge: Fishing from land or boat is prohibited March 15th – July 15th (due to nesting birds). Part of this area belongs to the Isternäs nature reserve.

II. North-east of a line from Stenholmen (south of Hammarslund) to Ålören (west bank of Håslövs Ängar): Fishing from land or boat prohibited March 15th – July 15th (nesting birds).

III. From Ålören (west bank Håslövs Ängar) to the Håslövs Ängar bird watching tower: Fishing from boat closer to land than 100 meters prohibited March 15th – July 15st (nesting birds). Fishing from land prohibited March 15th – July 15th because of restricted access to the Håslövs Ängar nature reserve.

IV. East of a line from Håslövs Ängar bird watching tower to the church tower in Rinkaby): Fishing from land or boat prohibited March 15th – July 15th (nesting or resting birds).

V. On the west bank of the outlet of Hammarsjön into the river, 300 meters to the northwest and 250 meters out into the lake: Fishing from land or from boat prohibited 15th – July 15th (nesting birds).

VI. The east bank of Helgeå from Graften to the wood approximately 500 meters downstream. Fishing from land prohibited March 15th – July 15th (nesting birds).

Supervisors are present within the preservation areas and their instructions are to be followed.